Class Reviews

What Students Are Saying:

“Alaina is delightful and makes you feel instantly welcome in her classes. Her bright smile and even brighter aura is contagious and you can’t help but feel joy as you start to practice. One of my favorite things about yoga with Alaina is the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. She will push you to try your best and to the best of your body’s capabilities. Get ready for a good mix of strength, flexibility, rest and yoga vocabulary education.”

-Jennifer K.

“Having Alaina as a yoga teacher changed my life. Alaina’s classes are rigorous, restorative and rewarding. The tempo, timing and structure of her classes meet all ability levels. She can challenge you and invite you to smile all at the same time! I enjoyed how my Yoga practice touched my mind, body, and spirit. Men, women, people of all age and fitness levels enjoyed her crowded classes. I miss having Alaina as my Yoga Teacher!”

-Chris I.

“I’ve enjoyed taking classes with Alaina because I still get a workout while remaining mindful of my breath/body and practicing within my own limits. She does a great job of assessing everybody’s fitness levels and tailoring a course to suit the needs of her students. Alaina clearly has a passion for yoga that she’s willing to share with everyone around her! In the 2 years that I’ve been taking classes with Alaina she’s been continuously adding to and improving her own mastery of the subject in parallel to my own improvements as a student. Taking classes with Alaina is more than just an exercise routine, it’s a personal journey in self-actualization!”

-Alex J.

“As a yoga newbie, I found Alaina’s class to be perfect for me. She offered many variations to accomodate for different levels of skill, flexibility, or injuries, which was very helpful for the beginning student. Her smile and sweet personality always made for a fun class, and it was an added bonus to try to learn the sanskrit names for the poses. I feel that her classes can accomodate a wide range of skill levels very easily, and I learned and improved a lot when I began to attend regularly. She’s a great instructor, and I highly recommend her to everyone!”

-Kristie L.


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